the POET is DEAD

copyright@pushkar prabhat, 4-6-17

unadulterated silence


no clicks violate the

pens, no more,

bleeds the pen.

purity preserved,

pages prepared of

virgin pulp.

no strokes

desecrate their

luster, anymore.

no more the incessant

echoes of unappreciative

sips, the mugs and the coffee

burn no more.

no more does the

language suffers

the whims of the


no unholy matches

to rhyme, anymore.

the poetry is dead.

the poet is no more.


Hope you enjoyed.

I would like to apologize for my unexplained absence. Recently the upload frequency has not been that great. But that’s just life. It is uncomfortable for me but, i have to remember and remind myself that, it’s not about the quantity. This blog is about expression and not constant expression. Sometimes, we all just need a little silence. But, i am here and i am constantly trying. So, if you see me MIA again, sometime in the future, i would like you to remember, i will always come back.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for your amazing support and appreciation.

Happy reading!

Happy blogging!


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