The Constant Writer

Do you remember the time, when you first started writing? By luck or accident or will but tell me didn’t you soon realize that this had became your escape from all the nonsense of this world? Maybe not for you, but for me this became my ‘happy place’ a long time ago. It was like having a super power. I could make sense of almost anything with my pen and paper. I can still do. But, like it would in any relationship, things have changed with time.

I constantly feel the need to create now and in a perfect world I would, whole day. But life almost always has a different plan. With its obligations and necessities, sometimes it just wants you to dive in and not try to make sense of things, just like they like to call it “going with the flow”.  And with that frustrating instruction, the creative need becomes a burden, obstructing that “going with the flow” you just want to get over with as soon as possible. Not a pretty situation with all the bumps and kicks and tossing around. One would think but, it’s no Disneyland.

Honestly, I have not yet figured out what to do, not this time. But I have a general rule in life about persistence, perseverance and positivity. So I keep going. I often get sidetracked, things frequently go off rails, but I always come back. I have to. After all, it is my happy place, my creative home.

This time, that frustration has sparked something really amazing. I have created a unique form of poetry. And yes, I think it is the best god damn thing in the world. If you have been following by blog for long, you must have encountered a ‘sapt-niner’ (my original take on the sonnet form.). This time I have come up with a shorter form. It is like a haiku or a tanka in terms of syllable structure.  But what make s it unique is, it’s a poem with a purpose. It’s a noose named ‘nooz’.

What’s ‘nooz’? Find out for yourself, 11-05-2017, 11:11 pm Indian Standard Time.


i hope you enjoyed. For more news on the ‘nooz’, come back for my next update, only a few hours away.

So, i have started a Patreon(click me) page. Do visit and explore. I would love some feedback on it too. And needless to say, should you choose to become a patron, you will not be disappointed! So yAy!!!!

Please leave comments…………i would love to hear from you, Dear Reader.

Continue this adventure at: Creating Poetry

Sapt-niner: ===Sum Zero===

Explore! Enjoy!

i will be back!


4 thoughts on “The Constant Writer

    1. That’s so true…….waiting to ride a wave…….why didn’t I think of that……misses me ride this time :p
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your wonderful thoughts……. It means a lot! 🙂 🙂

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