nooz #1: What is nooz?

Look around you. What do you see?

When I look around, I see a perfect nature and imperfect humans and a struggling society. With all these years of civilization, you would expect more refined civility. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, the very structures of its rise have become the burden of its existence. And that burden is like cancer, feeding on innocence and limiting, strangling, and sometimes even killing, personal growth and freedom.

That being said, it’s not all bad. And it’s really painful to see the remaining good being consumed by the bad. And as it turns out, we can do so little even if we try the hardest which is very frustrating. This frustration, added to the pain has led me to create a form of expression through poetry to take back control and tighten the noose on the things that has us gasping for breath, struggling to survive. Though this is not an actual noose, it will kill the evil, in symbol at least, and maybe, help ease that frustration and that pain.

The ‘nooz’ is shaped like a noose, granted, there is some stretching of imagination involved. It consists of eleven lines and has the syllable pattern of 1-3-3-3-1-3-6-9-6-3-1! There are no rhyming schemes involved. The subject of each ‘nooz’ could be anything and everything that plagues you, me, our life, this society, or this world that we live in. There is one ‘nooz’ for each such thing.

And here is where it begins: nooz #1

nooz 1.jpg

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