Poetry Preaches: Experimentation

I know! Poetry would much rather side with philosophy more than it would agree with science. But trust me, like the scientists would like to believe there is science in everything, I know for a fact that there is poetry in everything. And it preaches experimentation. How? Well, read on.

 So, if you are a poet( creative person), do you have the complete poem(art) in your mind before writing(creating)? Or do you have it when you are in the middle? Right? Except for the times when we are really inspired, we never have the shape, form or even the complete content at our disposal. So what do we do? We might first decide upon a form, syllable count etc or just dive right into writing. And after managing to come up with a few lines, that is, after exhausting the initial vague ‘inspired stuff’, we go back to counting, recounting, shuffling, and restructuring, of lines, rhymes, syllables and what not. In short we become the scientists and the experimentation begin.

The most common method we use is the ‘hit and trial’ method. Keep trying with the syllables, words, rhymes, etc until everything fits or feels right. Right? Then, maybe we go researching, reading other works, analysing, concluding and then, we hit again.

Now, you have to realize that this could go on a number of ways for a number of people. So, coming back to my point, poetry does preach experimenting. Trying, failing, and trying again. That’s a mantra for life too. We might have vision, dreams, potential, intent, and courage but, life is not that simple. To do something, to begin, is a struggle. We get stuck, kicked down, broken. But you have to accept and appreciate the fact that no one has it figured out in the very beginning. Only through a series of errors does one come out victorious. And only through trial does the vision mature and dreams come true.

This habit of experimentation has, in the past, lead me on the path of creating my own original take on the classical sonnet form, which I call ‘sapt-niner’. If you have been following my blog, you must have come across it, I will leave a link below. So, this time I have come up with another unique form of poetry. It’s sort of a haiku or a tanka, but it’s not entirely that. It is a poem with a purpose. It’s a noose called ‘nooz’. ‘nooz’ what?  Well, stay tuned.


i hope you enjoyed. For more news on the ‘nooz’, come back for my next update, only a few hours away.

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Continue this adventure at: Preachy Poetry

Sapt-niner: ===Sum Zero===

Explore! Enjoy!

i will be back!


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