[short] Story Sunday #16: Guilty of helping.

a story by pushkar prabhat

As his speeding police car approached the building, he could see the crowd gathered below it.  He knew something terrible had gone down. He immediately called for backup and ambulances. As the car came to a screeching halt, he rushed inside the building after instructing his partner to take care of the crowd. On his way inside he saw the smashed decapitated body, in the middle of that crowd, further confirming his suspicion. He was worried about her, he ran as fast as he could.

He leaped inside the lift and as the lift ascended, he grew impatient wishing for it to go faster. He remembered meeting her that morning. He remembered the reaction of his colleagues, after she had confessed her suspicion of her fiance being a serial killer. They didn’t agree with her. There were no such murders in the city. And given that she didn’t have concrete proof, they concluded this to be just a domestic dispute. But he could sense the vulnerability, heartbreak and embarrassment in her voice. He could feel the helplessness in her beautiful eyes.

He remembered offering her, to check the apartment, but she had argued against, since she feared her fiancée would know and wouldn’t return from his business trip. After much discussion and assurances, they had agreed upon catching him at the apartment that night. But, he had decided to apprehend him at the airport itself. He didn’t want to risk her safety.

The lift finally reached the floor and he ran to her apartment. The door was unlocked, he went in. His heart was beating faster, he was sure of the tragedy, just hoped for some redemption. He hoped to save the woman, he had promised to protect, just this morning. There was no doubt that his decision to catch the fiancée at the airport had turned into a disaster. There was no one to catch at the airport. The fiancée probably, had never left the city. He just hoped for a second chance to deliver on his promise.

As he made his way into the living room, he could see the blood. Certain numbness started growing in his heart. He was soon standing in the living room. There was blood all around. His hopes were immediately crushed and his promise lay dead, graciously, amidst the crimson sheets. He saw the severed hand of the fiancée lying by her side. He couldn’t make sense of what had happened here. The numbness had reached his mind. He fell on his knees.

She was not a relative or a friend. He had not known her before this morning. Still he had volunteered to help, when others ridiculed her. He had sworn to keep her from harm. He could still see the innocent, unconditional love in her eyes. It was the same love that had caused him to judge her judgement and go behind her back. But if only he had not gone to the airport, he could have reached here sooner. That night she was betrayed by two people she trusted and it was all because of her love. And though, she had found her escape, and her fiance had gravitated towards his, he was left behind in the prison of their crimes, numb and defeated.


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