[short] Story Sunday #12: Psyched

a story by pushkar prabhat

She was in an emotional limbo. She felt a lot of things, but did not know what to feel. She blamed herself for everything. Don’t we all? When things go south, we raise the first finger at ourselves. It was going great, just a week ago. Why did he have to take this trip?

She had told her parents about him. They were coming to meet him tomorrow, though she hadn’t told him yet. His flight had arrived two hours ago. He would arrive any minute now. Usually, she would be excited and ready with dinner, candles, bath and other surprises. This time though, she just sat silently, thinking about all the things that could have happened differently. Thinking about all the things, she could have done differently. Though nothing would have changed the truth, but sometimes it’s better to not know. She knew it was best for her, that she had uncovered his secret. But wished she hadn’t, that way nothing would have changed. She would love him the same. He would love her, the same.

It was all because of that psychic. She was not someone who believed in that sort of things. And if not for her friends, she would never have gone to a psychic in a million years. But she still had the choice of not acting on the psychic’s remarks. She was not of the jealous lot. She trusted him. She should have just let that go. She felt guilty for discovering his terrible secret.

She wished she hadn’t gone to the police. She always knew she was too good of a person, and now she hated herself for that. She wished she could have convinced herself to be an accomplice. It was too late now. Police was already on their way. She wiped off the drop of tear that had escaped her efforts to calm herself. She did not want to alarm him. She wished she didn’t have to confront him. She wished a lot of things. But above all, she wished they could still find a way to be together.

The ring of the doorbell shook her. The tears broke through. She, shivering and numb, opened the door. She looked at him. She still only felt love for him. Their eyes met. She knew, he knew. It was too late.


i hope you enjoyed. Also this might be related to the story Passion.

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8 thoughts on “[short] Story Sunday #12: Psyched

    1. *evil laughter* i hope with every Sunday, i am getting better in that ability…….do tell when i get publish ready ;D
      and wait one more Sunday…….i have thought of a third and final part to this mini series……..Thank you so much for your support and kindness…..never fails to make my day!!! 🙂 🙂

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  1. Love is a conglomeration of what can sometimes be termed as ’emotional bliss’ and at other times ‘an emotional mess’. The expressions and feelings of the protagonist, who was an emotional mess in this case, was palpable. Enjoyed it, NB!

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