Poetry Preaches: Hard work

Well, this one needs no explanation. Anyone who has ever done poetry (creative work) knows the work that goes behind. Of course I am not talking about the inspired work, though it requires work but you are driven then. I am talking about sitting there, chewing the end of the pen, trying to wring out another verse from its other end so as to complete the half written poem on the sheet of paper which now has unrelated doodles all over it. Yeah, that stuff.

Some ideas do forcefully put us at that table, and with much passion we approach it. But, boy do they sizzle out too soon. It takes a lot of effort to revive that spent up original idea, midway through the process.  You can look through any creative person’s diary, more than half the pages would be shrines to such ideas.

But the ones that we successfully save from being lost to oblivion, takes rigorous work and utmost faith. We spend time researching, thinking, retracting our efforts. Trying different rhymes, forms and even restructuring what we already have. It’s a painful process but the joy we get after it takes a few breaths, recovers and then when it fetches us appreciation, it is so worth every breath spent on it.

Life is poetry. Some rhymes come easy. Sometimes we achieve better rhythm. But often, we need to work our asses off to move even an inch forward. Moving words around seems like moving mountains. We feel exhausted. And just like in life, we find distractions, escapism takes over. I mean, it’s always easy to just ignore the work and cosy up to the internet, junk food, junk habits, and self destructive patterns. But when the reality hits, what are we left with, a diary full of unrealized potentials, unfinished efforts, and a future that slipped right through our fingers.

And just look at the flip side of it, what would we have then? We would have had a diary full of amazing poems, rhyming ideas, a document of our growth, and a promise for the future. And even if we ignore these, we would have a reminder, in every page, of our will, our efforts, our commitment and the harmonious results it could get us. A quick look thorough it, on our worst days could inspire us to overcome any problem, every difficulty.

Just surrender to the rhythm, muster up some rhyme, and when you will see the poetry flow, you will conquer everything.


i hope you enjoyed.

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12 thoughts on “Poetry Preaches: Hard work

  1. A great article. Thanks for sharing. I love a good rhyme and the poem on my poetry blog here on WordPress is about rhyming in case you have time to look? Have a rhythmical weekend, Sam 

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  2. So so well captured all the ways you describe the life of a poet or a writer …ideas don’t stop coming in the strangest times …and oh the scramble to find the moments of respite from life itself to give life to what is again life itself to the writer …have I stopped making sense? …oh well I think you will get it …yes there is such sweet conquest through surrender to the rhythm.

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    1. not even for a minute……you make perfect sense……….and exactly why break bones trying to hold onto and control……when you can just simply flow……..thank you so much……glad you liked this! 🙂 🙂

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