[short] Story Sunday #10: Passion

[warning: graphic violence]

a story by pushkar prabhat

He peeled himself off of her. Stepping back a few steps, he noticed the blood on his hands. Maybe it was shock or excitement that drove him to grab her by the hair, pull closer and after pulling out the knife stuck in her guts, to thrust it in, and out again and again. She moaned in pain, unable to grasp all that was happening.

His intensity made them fall on the floor like passionate lovers and he continued his possessed thrusting. Her moans gradually got severe. Her body had cleft open to accommodate the persistent blade. His blank eyes were continuously staring into her flickering soul. His thrusts were denied anymore resistance and he was almost knifing the air. The assault had climaxed. Finally, her soul escaped, leaving her body in spasms.

Now confronted with her lifeless eyes, his emotions erupted. But, his wails could not bring her back. The knife fell out of his hand. Realizing what he had lost, he gently took her face in his hands. Touching her face exacerbated his feelings of loss. His touch had soiled her angelic face with blood. And as if trying to undo everything, he desperately tried to clean her face. But his every touch made the situation only worse. Blood was all over his hands.

The overwhelming range of intense emotions made him numb. He looked at his hands in contempt. And then got up, searching frantically for something. He pushed her corpse on its side, he had found the knife. He grabbed it with his right hand in a quick motion and in a few swift swings he, chopped off his left arm. Β His eyes again gave way to his screaming emotions. The physical pain was no match for the agony brought on by the fact that, he could no longer sever his right arm. The continuous moans and screams had cautioned the neighbors. The police was on their way. They would be greeted by him downstairs. He had leaped off in one last attempt to escape.


Hope you liked it!

Explore! Enjoy!

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15 thoughts on “[short] Story Sunday #10: Passion

  1. Are you sure this was Passion? I mean it’s raw and intense and so bloody. But passion for what? Revenge? Vengeance? Betrayal? My mind’s entangled in your words. Pray help me decode this. Pushkar. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. WoW!!! thank you so so much……..btw…..how am i doing with these flash fiction stories…….? you have read a lot of great works……i could really use some tips, suggestions and critic!…….do indulge, when you have some time to kill πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

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