[short] Story Sunday #9: Drumbeats

a story by pushkar prabhat

His subconscious had already noticed the drumbeats. But his conscious mind had not, probably consciously. His mind, anyways, was busy contemplating if he should go to the bathroom or not. After watching a horror movie, it’s natural to be a little scared, especially during the night. And the one he had just watched was genuinely scary. He debated the idea in his mind for a few more minutes before realizing how ridiculous it was to be scared of going to the bathroom in his own house, in which he has been living for six years. He took a deep breath and got up from his bed.

It is funny how our own minds turn into our own enemies sometimes. He knew there was no one behind, but his mind kept teasing him. He was keeping calm and trying to remember his favorite song, any song. It seemed as if his mind was hell bent on scaring him to death. Well, he successfully released the pressure and was on his return trip when, he noticed the faint sounds of the drum. Something moved in him. He ran to his room and leaped on his bed. He could hear his, now loud eager heartbeats. He felt as if his heart was trying to match beats with the drum.

He knew it was the marriage season, so he tried to convince himself, that probably there was a marriage ceremony going on nearby. And that could explain the drumbeats at night. But he entertained that idea for too long and came to an unnerving deduction that these drumbeats were coming from near the lake beside his house. He felt a strong urge to check his conclusions through the window but, he couldn’t gather enough courage. He forcefully shut his eyes and was cursing himself for watching the damn movie. He was not the scared easily kind.

He now began to feel as if these beats were for some kind of a ritual and this thought, helped him get worse. He didn’t know why he checked his watch for time. He did not want to and the time would have made no difference but he was not thinking clearly. It was 3 AM. His heart finally synced with the drum and, as if due to resonance, the sound of the drum intensified. Covered in sweat, he started trembling. The beats increased. The sound seems to be approaching. He felt as if it was now coming from inside the house. And slowly it approached his room’s door. Although, the door was fortunately closed, he couldn’t take this anymore. He passed out.

It was already morning, when he woke up. He still felt exhausted. The thoughts of the drum returned but he was unsure if that was just his dream. He looked around, everything was fine. He got up and looked out of the window, everything was okay. He exhaled in relief. It must be just a dream. He rubbed his eyes and dropped down for a few push-ups. Felling confident and in control, he pushed open the door. It hit something, making the sound of ‘dhushhh’. His freaked eyes immediately followed the sound. The drumbeats started building.


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