[short] Story Sunday #8: Phalgun

a story by pushkar prabhat

Distance never agrees with love. How can it? Love is all about closeness and not just of the body but, of mind and soul too. Having spent, almost a lifetime away from each other, one would think that they had gotten used to it by now. They had simply not. In fact they had gotten more resistant to any sort of separation. And this being their first Holi after their marriage, they had to spend this with their family. This was killing them.

It’s hard to comprehend how difficult it was for them. Being in long distance relationship for so long, they never got a chance to be together on Holi. And Holi is the original Valentine’s Day. In fact, Holi is older than Saint Valentine himself. And though it might only be just one day, the whole month of Phalgun is the Indian month of love. And Holi is the day of the full moon. They desperately needed their privacy.

They had been busy with preparations the whole morning. But their eyes had been searching for each other, stealing a glance or two whenever they were around. And though, relatives had been teasing them since the day before, they needed no external reason to blush. The thought of putting colors on each others’ body, the anticipation of those deliberate manoeuvres, and the craving for those desperate touches was enough to color their cheeks red.

It always takes one person to dare and open the packet of gulaal or mix one sachet of color in a bucket before everyone just goes crazy and paint each other in colors of love, facetiousness and happiness. It becomes a game of hunting and escaping, but in this it’s always more fun to get caught. It’s truly a celebration where everyone becomes one.

She while helping in the kitchen and he while making arrangements on the porch, were silently praying for someone to take that leap. And finally, she heard laughter and screams coming from outside. Everybody’s face just lit up. The butterflies in her stomach went wild making her heartbeat go crazy. Everyone transcended to a higher state of excitement and happiness altogether. She couldn’t wait any longer. And amidst that chaos someone caught her hands and pulled her towards him. Her wait was over. He had fist full of gulaal, and she just wanted him to paint her whole body. She pretended to try to run away. He grabbed her tightly. And in the moments that followed, all their wishes came true and every distance between them ceased to exist. They became one. He then let go of her. She looked even more beautiful covered in colors of pink and red. He took a moment to admire his handiwork and revel in her beauty before, teasingly running away from her. She grabbed some gulaal from a plate nearby and chased after him. They had begun their game of love and the phalgun of their lives had just begun.

Happy Holi!!!


I hope you enjoyed!!!

Explore! Enjoy!

i will be back!


8 thoughts on “[short] Story Sunday #8: Phalgun

    1. i agree, people have vilified the beautiful aspects of this festival…….i wanted to present more aspects……..maybe on next holi…….Thank you so much……so happy you liked this……….and Happy Holi!!! 🙂 🙂

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