[short] Story Sunday #6: Freaking February.

a story by pushkar prabhat

The beginning of February, every year, fills the air with weird energies. It’s not that you do not see couples taunting your ‘singletude’ all around the year, but in this damned month, it becomes so hard to ignore. It drives you crazy. And if you have a crush on someone, you are doomed. But if you know that your crush has a crush on you, well, brace yourself, because you are going to explore new levels of desperation and anxiety. Be ready to witness your whole long drawn, important plans go down the drain.

It’s entirely his fault, really. I mean, what’s a girl got to do to be asked out? These days you have got to do all the work yourself……ugh.  It’s been months since he started staring, asking his friends to ask their girlfriends about her. She even sent him her phone number through them but, he wouldn’t call. She looked at him, smiled back at several instances and even approached him several times for ‘notes’. But he had no clue what so ever. All he had to do was ask her. She had already decided. A yes was always on her lips, if only he would ask. Whatever happened to modern men?

She finally did it. She had to. She was so tired of waiting around. She went straight to him, and asked him out on a date. He reacted as if a snake had bit him. And judging from all the information she was getting from her sources in the boys hostel, she wasn’t even sure if he would show up. But she had to take that chance and get ready. She had, long ago, decided what she would wear and as she wore it, the panic set in. Nope, this was not the dress. Soon all her dresses were laying on the floor, or the bed or the chair. Then her roommates’ clothes soon joined hers. Then they raided the nearby rooms before finally, by the grace of god, settling down on one black dress. She looked stunning. She knew it. But that moment of peace did not last long. The same quest was repeated for every accessory. Yet she managed to get ready on time.

She went with her friends to the place she had decided as the pickup point. Her friends left no angle unexplored for teasing her. She kept blushing all the while, while waiting for him. She knew he had left the hostel but was now starting to doubt if he would ever show up. She had started to wonder if she had scared him. Maybe he needed more time. She felt so stupid to have asked him out, what girl does that? Her face already red from blushing was getting redder from regret and the possible embarrassment. She took a chance and she was there.

‘Five more minutes’ she said to herself, unsure. He was nowhere in sight. Her friends had run out of jokes and were all busy chatting with their boyfriends. She decided to give another look at the other side of the road and turned around. There he was, in his car, that stupid boy, who had kept her awake at nights, who had caused her so much anxiety. The same idiot, for whom she drove herself right to the edge of embarrassment, was finally here to pick her up for a drive and date. She couldn’t control her smile. Her heartbeat reinvigorated. She felt like being in a dream. Her regrets were gone. There was anxiety, but the happy kind. She was safe from the ‘singletude’. It was still February, and love was in the air.


This story, although independent, might have something ties to one another story, “Fallen, in Love”. So do check that out too. 

Hope you enjoyed!

a little update: the reason for my absence is my strange but ever terrible health. But i am now on a path towards better days. So, you will be reading more from me soon. Best wishes!

Explore! Enjoy!

i will be back!


14 thoughts on “[short] Story Sunday #6: Freaking February.

  1. So much panic and thrill but the ending was happy, so I’m happy too🙌😄 although, tell your fictional guy he’s lucky she loved him, so stuck around for so long otherwise lack of attention often drive people away!!😂😂
    I enjoyed it. Also, get well soon, yo☺take care


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