[short] Story Sunday #4: Fallen, in Love

a story by pushkar prabhat

It finally happened that day. It had to. Around the days of celebration of love, people often fall. And he was standing right on the edge, ready, with open arms. He did not need much, just a smile, a glance, or a turn would have done it for him. But, she actually came to talk to him and hustled a date out of him. Pure savage!

He stood still, numb. But more than death, he felt like born anew. When his heart, after that moment of stillness, started pumping hurriedly as if to make up for that numbness, and the blood finally rushed to his every end, he couldn’t help but just blush, smile and almost float wherever he went. He couldn’t decide if he had woken up in a dream or if he had finally, woken up. Who knows what switches into what, when dreams come true and often, they come true when we least expect.

He recovered, soon. But then doubts and apprehensions gripped him and he started regretting the fact that his wishes had come true. Life is funny and so cruel that way. People concentrate so much on their hopes that they never contemplate what come comes with it. And people are stupid anyway.

What to wear? Where to take her? What to do? What to talk? How to impress? What she likes? What are her dislikes? Will she award him a kiss? Should he try? What if she hates it? What if this was his last chance? What if…….He needed a deep breath, but all he had was his stupid friends to launch his anxiety into the vast space, with no gravity and air. He did not want to float anymore. He wanted to just crash and burn.  Oh! How he longed for that edge again. But wishes don’t come true in a bunch, they come true, one at a time. So, always be careful what you wish for. He, although, had missed that opportunity.

His nerves were getting worse with every passing minute. And time seemed to be too eager to see the disaster unfold. He, however, wished if there could be another impromptu year between then and that evening. He somehow managed to get ready and gathered enough courage to go to pick her up. He was numb, again, inside and outside. Only now he was getting some perspective, as to why people call it ‘falling in love’.

He drove, to where they had decided to meet. There she was, waiting, looking in another direction. She was looking more beautiful than ever in that black dress and heels. Looking at perfection, all he could think of was, she deserved much better than him. He considered, just passing her by but, just then, she turned. She saw him. She smiled. And seeing her beautiful, enchanting smile, aahh……..he was afloat again, he knew every answer he needed to know. He had, after all, fallen deeply in love.


i hope you enjoyed. Please leave comments………..


i will be back!


9 thoughts on “[short] Story Sunday #4: Fallen, in Love

  1. You know I’m always looking for romance books from a guy’s perspective written by a guy. Thank you for showing me the world of a love stricken guy through a man’s eyes. Loved every bit of it, at some point even felt bad for him.
    You’re an amazing writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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