===Sum Zero===

Well, this is the 100th post. So, this is special. And i would like to thank each and every one of you for the kind support and generous appreciation. This has been amazing.

So, this poem follows my own original form, which i call ‘Sapt-niner‘. It contains 5 lined verses with an experimental syllable pattern of 9-7-9-7-9. The number of verses should be 9 or 7, preferably, but it must have a 9 syllabled conclusion. Also, just for this particular poem, the first letter of each verse spells my name. Although, i had reserved this form for when the follower count would cross the 500 mark. But, well, one thing at a time. This seems more appropriate for the 100th post. Enjoy!
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===Sum Zero===

a poem by pushkar prabhat

Pushing through enforced necessities
just to be judged on scales, tipped.
inherited duties, and courage:
infected with empathy;
ensured drowning of the flying wings.

Under the protection of bruised wings,
against winds of destiny
hoping to carry the sun unharmed
un-wet and burning bright still,
until the weighing debt on soul, lifts.

Surviving the gifts of measured breaths;
applauding the illest fates;
prizing the blames and sins of efforts
foiled by will and wills of fate;
it’s hope, my hope that has scarred the most.

Honor, insufficient, a lie sold.
indifferent, stunted, proud
lenders of happiness compensates
with smothered identities
violated minds and defiled souls.

Knowing, kills every reality
impoverishes the mind,
destroys ignorance, stupidity;
universal currencies.
dilemma seizes: break out or in.

Apparently, revolts are set up;
enslavement freely endorsed,
and reason invites consequences.
every price is too high if
sanity be the first to escape.

Remember, remember to fly high,
if ever this nightmare ends.
it’s a hell lot of work, just to reach
that, earned disappointing end.
and choking every will to get by,

the fact: it’s so easy, to just die.

Hope you enjoyed this special and original serving of the evergreen art of poetry.

Please leave comments……..

i will be back!


43 thoughts on “===Sum Zero===

  1. Congratulations on your 100! Why wait for 500 if you can be this good at 100 …there will be higher inspiration at 500 🙂 This poem is really a good one …it does take courage to live and keep living and sometimes inch through survival!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It is a good kind of desperate to use a good idea or skill 🙂
        I realized after posting that I mixed up while writing the comment …what you said was about 100 posts and 500 followers …just decided you would be forgiving 🙂 …100 good posts that gets you close to 500 followers is an achievement!
        My pleasure!

        Liked by 1 person

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