Poetry Preaches: To Begin

“Well begun is half done.” –someone smart (not me)

Yes, with the New Year and the new resolutions, this was inevitable, this post about beginning anew. And no matter who you are, a super creative person or someone dealing with creative exhaustion, you must have faced this problem and asked yourself “where to begin?” “How to begin?”. and I am sure many of your great ideas have died at this very threshold.

The quote above can be used as a motivation to begin, but that same quote puts a huge pressure on your efforts. The pressure of beginning well can kill the whole idea altogether. And it’s not surprising that this same very line can serve two meanings and affect in polar opposite ways. This is the beauty of language and words. You cannot, not appreciate it, but that doesn’t solve any problems.

Fear not. Poetry comes to the rescue.

A lot of “smart” people would ask here, don’t you face this same problem with poetry? Well tell me, is poetry a task? Will the task of poetry need a start? And how the hell would something solve a problem if it is not a part of its process?

I am not going to lie, with the small number of words, the restriction of flow, and the huge responsibility of expression, beginning a poem is no small task. And if it was, poets won’t suffer from writer’s block.  Then how the hell does poetry solve the problem of beginning?

It does.

How? Write a poem.

Start the most random or most used word like ‘I’. Then add another word that usually accompanies ‘am’. Then just complete the sentence, say ‘I am in motion’. And when you have done that, with the idea holding the strings in the background, write anything that you wanted to. Just like this,


“ i am in motion.

i have healed, enough.

This body shall repair

on the way, for now,

my intentions are tough.”


These are just normal sentences. There are well, of course, the usual, the intended and the hidden meaning. But whatever grand or small meaning it conveys, it has a simple beginning at ‘I’. Now, that is not difficult.

And when you give a start to your abstract idea, the rest of your efforts follow the precedence, just like the rhyming scheme and meter in a poem. But how, unless you begin, would you know what form etc to follow? Now I am not talking about the planned poetry. I am talking about natural expression, as always.  And even if you decide the form, say a sonnet, what about the rhyming? That will come only after you write, only after you begin.But isn’t it true with everything else? Yes, it is! But, with the brevity and gravity of this art form, you see the results quickly. The flowing and adaptive nature of this art form enhances and advances your slightest of efforts. So take a cue from poetry and, begin. Now.


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i will be back!


8 thoughts on “Poetry Preaches: To Begin

  1. Interesting. Poetry as a distraction can take the mind off pressing problems. And a good beginning paves the way for good things down the road. Of course, there is also something to be said for finishing well. None of which can happen without a beginning.

    Speaking of poetic formats to use, I often think that the message commands the form. For example, I think that the sonnet is often prescribed for a more serious subject. On the other hand, both the limeric and the circular forms are very useful for humor. Haiku was originally intended to celebrate the beauty of the natural world. Then the villanelle can be used alternately for preaching, entertaining, or whining, whatever the situation calls for. Because of the repetitive elements of the villanelle, sometimes after the first and third lines are completed, almost half the poem is already written right at the start, which is a great encouragement.

    Thank you for a thought-provoking post. And whatever you do, keep on writing!

    May God bless you!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing such insights……..i really appreciate it…….and i am so glad you found this thought provoking………thank you for your wishes……i will try my best…….and it means a lot to me….!! Have an amazing day and God Bless you too!! 🙂 🙂


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