Kaleidoscopic Psychosis

====Kaleidoscopic Psychosis====

by pushkar prabhat


Psychosis is maybe just a symptom.
Ugliness of this truth can’t be washed off.
So you’d think of it as a mystery
Having one characterized history.
Kaleidoscopes are just apex and trough,
Aren’t we supposed to live on the system 
Replicating each and every symptom.

Psychosis is maybe just a symptom.
Repercussions are just ’the’ intended 
Albeit not the truth but comforting.
Blame yourself if strangers are indulging.
Haven’t you been told how the old tales ended?
Aren’t you supposed to follow ’the’ system!
Trailing away is in fact, the symptom!


highly derived from the sonnet form…….14 lines 10 syllables each……
though break it only into 2 verses with experimental rhyming scheme ABCCBAA ADEEDAA

please also comment on how successful this was, apart from the poem…….
also inform if this schematic already exists…….
one last thing……..this was also an acrostic, all first letters combined reads my name……..great if you noticed!!!


i will be back!


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