All I Wanted Was A Cup Of Coffee[short story]

===All I Wanted Was A Cup Of Coffee ===
by pushkar prabhat

word count: 588

I am an impulsive person and I enjoy being one. But sometimes, some impulses land me in some troubles.

It was a typical summer evening today. Though, a little breezy but hot. I had a lot to study and as usual, I had wasted most of my morning and afternoon. I was depressed and was thinking, “how will I complete all this?” Suddenly, an ‘idea’ struck me. Let’s go to a coffee house and have a large cup of coffee. Yummmmm……..and then, refreshed and oozing with energy, I will come back and sit and study like a dog. I was also counting on the caffeine to keep me up all night to study.

A perfect idea!

So nothing could have stopped me now, not even the fact that the nearest coffee house was an hour and a half ride away. As I said, I am impulsive. So, within two hours I was at the city recreational center with brewing excitement. I was just a few shops away from the coffee shop when I, saw her exiting that very shop.

Yes, her, the queen of my dreams, the crush of my lifetime. That ultimate beauty was there in a sleeveless top and shorts. My whole universe had stopped. I stopped, just stood there contemplating:
1. she was with friends. Outcome on approach: embarrassing.
2. Okay, so she might not be her. I mean, I only caught a glimpse of her face from the side. Outcome on approach: extremely awkward.
3. Maybe, let’s not go. But what if, this was the universes conspiring since morning, to bring me here to meet her? Outcome on no approach: criminal waste of the heavenly machinery and natural scheming.

Now I had to follow her. But wait a minute, where did she go? Maybe, I took too long to decide and now she was lost in a sea of people. But I had nothing to worry, the universe was with me.

I made a mental map of all the ‘chick-ish’ shops and set out on the hunt, scanning every inch of the place: every face, every shop, every turn, every gallery and every voice with a hawk’s eye and a bat’s ‘ears’. Oh, and did I mention it was hot.

Even after searching everywhere, still there was no sign of her and I was sweating like a waterfall. So, after thinking for a while I said to myself, “C’mon now. Let’s see about that cup of coffee now.” Just then, I heard the sweetest voice of the sweetest person, there ever was and ever will be, calling out my name. I turned back so quickly that I can assure you, that I defeated light that day.

There she was, the definition of perfectness, wearing the loveliest, enchanting smile on those beautiful lips of hers on her angelic face. All I could manage to say was “hi”.
“Hi, how are you?”
I said nothing. I was in a trance broken only by her friends’ giggling.
“So what are you doing here alone?”
“Nothing. Just came by for a cup of coffee.”
“Okay then. Enjoy your coffee. Bye. See you.”
Again, that smile, her beautiful smile.
And she was gone………..

And here I am awake (without caffeine) in a staring contest with the fan (or maybe roof, I don’t know). Periodically picturing her smile and then smiling hopelessly every time.

I didn’t want all this. You see, all I ever wanted was just a good, tasty, delicious and hot cup of coffee. Stupid universe.


i thought i would serve some refreshment as starters for the new year!!!

This is an old short story. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave comments.

More posts will follow, soon.

Happy New Year!!!

Let’s collectively become better……..let’s rhyme.


i will be back!


23 thoughts on “All I Wanted Was A Cup Of Coffee[short story]

  1. That was such an entertaining and engaging read. So amazing! At times I was laughing so hard like here, “Outcome on no approach: criminal waste of the heavenly machinery and natural scheming.” 😁😂
    Also, was it fiction if I may ask? Because, that’s me, four days before an exam hating myself for having being wasted time and thereby wasting more in self loathing and judging😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WoW!!! This is one of the best comments I have received….. Thank you so so so much…….I truly appreciate it…….aaaaand it’s part fiction……..four days…..that’s a lot of time I generally began studying on the morning of exams……..I am….ummmm……how to say this humbly……I am above average student……I never understood the point of exams so never felt the motivation to study……and passing exams is not that hard……anyways……all the best……never completely waste a complete day……. 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so glad it made you happy😄 It was awesome.
        Lol see when I say 4 days, I mean first two days are spent in having all the fun and putting off studying till last two days because that’s when adrenaline kicks in!😂😂thanks anyway!
        And Woah! Morning of the exam, that is some epic genius work!
        It’s part fiction? Lol thank you now I’d keep wondering which part is the truth!

        Liked by 1 person

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