final stupidity

by pushkar prabhat

It is my dream

my quest

It is my…..

Look…..we have


we are here at

the end of land.

There flows the

final obstacle.


the lands of bliss.


how without your

legs and feet….

will you jump?

into the unknown.

How without the

breaths to live…..

will you swim?

against the current.


i have to

{How? how?}

i have to.….


*falls off*


day 29 poem #29 for 31 day poetry challenge of Maja(Business in rhyme). For more info, follow that link.

this poem continues from day 28, poem 28 takeover

Follow the progress of each day, here: 31 day Poem


19 thoughts on “final stupidity

  1. I am always grateful for the question HOW coming from anywhere …just makes me go try! The unknown is anyway the same to each …legs or no legs …it is unknown and probably feared …bliss is the promise to make us go 🙂
    you have a unique style of poetry to bring out this stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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