vice and ice

by pushkar prabhat

it rises and coils….

the mighty monster

made of ice.

slithering towards

it decides;

to give me

a chase for my life.

From it’s echoing hiss

and sharp deadly fangs,

where do i run?

where do i hide?

And to top this

my brain is fried,

with the headache

and the high.

The high…….

Yes! the high.


*runs toward fumes*

*monster follows*

Come you slimy

son of a hiss….

let’s get baked tonight.


day 21 poem #21 for 31 day poetry challenge of Maja(Business in rhyme). For more info, follow that link.

this poem continues from day 20, poem 20 climb high

Follow the progress of each day, here: 31 day Poem


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