Rain is God

==== Rain is God====

by pushkar prabhat

word count: 650

It is a stormy night.

Nothing good could happen in dark nights such as this. This darkness could wane souls and these winds could blow away sanity. These are not roars. The sky is groaning and moaning under the wounds inflicted by lightning. There is a heavy downpour.  The heavens are likely to bleed all night.

Here I am, standing on this roof in my own night, sipping ceaseless darkness. Loneliness and night always conspire to kindle philosophical thoughts and storms like this always provide some perspective to it. Upon observation, this night does resemble my life.

My life has always been a stormy night- darkness filled fate; lightning striking down my efforts, spirit, confidence; my ambitions bleeding, moaning and groaning while my dreams, all my dreams being washed away in the rain; and the winds smacking down every thought of happiness. Yes, this is life.

And here I am, standing on the roof of my ten storied apartment building, sipping coffee. I can see the posh areas of my town from up here. Those bright and beautiful places filled with luxury. Those buildings with shops and residences and offices shining brightly like stars in the night sky. This darkness spares them. I have always wanted to live or work in such places but still, I love my building and my apartment. It is not bright or beautiful. It is not luxurious or adequate. It gets the work done, though. Sometimes, I wonder if it looks at those buildings and feels just like I feel when I see more accomplished and successful men. Maybe.

And here I am, standing on the roof, sipping this coffee. I love coffee. And I know this is crazy, all this rain falling in the cup and diluting the coffee. Yes, the cup is always full but it makes the coffee cold. This is exactly the way I am, the way my life is. I always dilute the things I love or care about, the important things, by my choices. All my work diluted and cooled down by the rain in the reign of my kismet. But I love rain. Each drop is pure joy falling from the sky on your skin, refreshing you, washing away all your worries and leaving you all wet and dripping with calm and peace. I have heard somewhere that, God is in the rain. I have given this much thought and I find this to be true. I believe, it is rain that fuels everything. Well, of course, there is the Sun and oxygen but it is rain that drives the whole process. In fact, it is the process. I might be wrong. I have been wrong, all my life.

And here I am, standing on the roof in this wind, sipping coffee. The wind is blowing raindrops on my face, blowing my hair, rustling my clothes, making me cold, giving me goose bumps. I love these feelings, especially when my hair dances in the wind, rising and falling. Sometimes, even after the wind ceases to flow, the hairs remain standing and would not settle no matter what you try. Well, that is the thing with hairs. Not like my life, which dances a lot with the wind but, as soon as the wind is gone it falls flat on its face. I know I sound stupid. Maybe I am stupid. Doesn’t matter, it all will end tonight.

Now here I am, standing on the railings of this roof, that cup beside my feet, arms stretched wide and looking towards the sky. This is the way life should be. Drops of pure bliss falling on my face, I am flashing a smile, an unconditional, innocent smile of pleasure and freedom. Rain is filling me up with happiness. My soul is dancing with the winds. Here, I kick the cup and then, I fall in the arms of relief and content.

I love rain. Rain is God.


i wrote this long ago…….in a galaxy far far away……

hope you enjoyed. Please give me your feedback suggestion……

thank you!


i will be back!


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