by pushkar prabhat

{What are you waiting for?

You wanted to fight monsters…Move, move!}

Calculated steps,

inspecting the air,

all senses alert……

Fleeting seconds

inducing rush.

Swiftly flowing

under sounds of hush.

{What’s that glow?}

Through the whitewash,

glimmers, a few marks.

Approaching chaos

of flying sparks……


A rescue operation

by lovely fireflies.

The woods must be near;

Running should be wise.

{Careful! listen…..}

The rustle’s building……

so is the groan.


The many headed

beasts breathe,




day 12, poem #12 for 31 day poetry challenge of Maja(Business in rhyme). For more info, follow that link.

this poem continues from day 11, poem 11 Stop

Follow the progress of each day, here: 31 day Poem

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Creating poetry is already posted: My Precious!


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