Paused, for admiration.

by pushkar prabhat

En route, nowhere.

Tangent against

obvious obstruction.

A slight sleight

divergence, arching

through chords

of frustration.

Finally, spiraled

at the center of

my revolution.

The fateful fog

teases my vision.

A pause of admiration.

Blood and sweat

gravitating towards


And as the pair

under long, deep

and full breaths;

prepares for

the next session.

My heart wonders at,

the current disposition.

*laughs* they do not see

i am moving in every direction.



day 10, poem #10 for 31 day poetry challenge of Maja(Business in rhyme). For more info, follow that link.

this poem continues from day 9, poem 9 forward

Follow the progress of each day, here: 31 day Poem

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