My Precious!

“My precious. None can have you. Have you we for us. My only, Precious.”

Have you ever felt like this, about a line, or couplets, maybe a stanza? Like you have written something so “precious” that now, the poem you have written it for seems unworthy of such “precious” words. Like these lines belong in your masterpiece, as your poetic legacy. NO? Why is it always me, alone? Aaaa….I trust you. You wouldn’t lie to me, dear reader, would you? Right! So, how many of you read that precious line in Gollum’s voice? Alright, alright, alright. (McConaughey ?) It’s always me. Okay.

I face this problem quite often (I know unpublished poet talking about precious poetry, don’t be mean). I can’t seem to part ways from some lines, sometimes. They seem, at the time, my best creation and I feel like I will never write anything better than that. I want to save them for something better. Then I fantasize about those words having a beautiful poem of their own, being published in reputed books and I, earning fame and recognition (No, not money. C’mon I write poetry for God’s sake).

But you know by now, poems are all about expressing. What is money? What is fame? Nothing! In comparison to the joy of self expression, they are absolutely nothing. (That reminds me, don’t forget to share, like, comment and follow……tell your friends, neighbors, society……..even your parents! The more the merrier!)

So, after that feeling takes over, you try to write some different version or different lines altogether for that said poem, but you feel like cheating. It does not seem fair. And you are right, it’s that poem that conceived those words, that idea, and it is that poem’s right to have a say, at least. That rhyme would feel incomplete. The emotions would seem half baked. You wouldn’t do that to your own creation. And everything aside, why should you underestimate yourself? You will come up with even better verses. You are not going to exhaust poetry. It has been around since ages and it will be around forever.

And to tell you the truth, people don’t even notice those lines, almost always. They fill their own emotions in the vessel of your words, and that is the beauty of poetry. In fact, you would dread, with some poems that somebody would see through your metaphors and imagerys. More on this in later posts.

What experts like me (citation needed) do in such situations is, if those “precious” words are not repetitive, are central to the idea of the poem and in tonal and rhythmic homogeneity with the rest of the poem, they shall pass. The poem has them now, and smuggling & stocking of verses is really frowned upon by the Universal Authority of Verses. Like I have said before, you would not want to mess with those people.


trust your pen,

cradle those thoughts,

it’s heartbreaking

yet, necessary.

you have to

let go. Let them

find their true worth,

in the eyes of some

dreamy reader.

let the poem

take care now,

like her own,

of your, Precious!


hope you enjoyed this precious serving……..

next up is one of my older poems………..should be up in 36 hours.

also, i am attempting to write a 31 day poem…..yes a single poem for 31 days…….today is day ten… far its pretty, pretty, pretty okay!


Please leave comments…………i would love to hear from you, Dear Reader.

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i will be back!


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