by pushkar prabhat

Sunrays sparkling through

the white mist, stagnant.

The bright warmth

treating you of

sanity and patience.

This gift burns,

through and through.

Inertia accumulating mass,

rendering ambitions, into

frustrating burden on soul.

Broken dreams shattered

by longings of a whole.

The patterned past persists,

destruction meticulous.

Strong subjects surrenders

to verbs superfluous.

The only object is

simple devastation.

Not just a ruined self;

but total annihilation.


day 7, poem #7 for 31 day poetry challenge of Maja(Business in rhyme). For more info, follow that link.

this poem continues from day 6, poem 6 reject peace

Follow the progress of each day, here: 31 day Poem

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29 thoughts on “disease

  1. The patterned past persists …to me, this feels to be the crux of it all! If not consciously worked through it will take towards destruction. You are conveying a sense of power while in that flow …
    Please enlighten me if I am nowhere close to what you are saying 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. oh okay…..i want to convey that there is this disease that is consuming me destroying my dreams and them i want to become the disease to destroy everything……but this is just a diluted version…

        Liked by 1 person

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