Poetry Preaches: Uniqueness

“Duplication is the death of Evolution”

A great man once thought and typed that. How profound, insightful and full of awesomeness one must be to say something like that. Too much? Okay.

You might be an accomplished poet, or an amateur, or someone pretentious like me but, you must have, at some point in your life, come across a poem that was so fluid, so dreamy and so beautiful that it just made you go “WoW!”. And you wished, to have come up with that or maybe, be even be able to write like that. Sometimes, it could be your own poem and you would wonder how in god’s name did you come up with something so beautiful, oh you will feel proud and then realize, you are never going to be able to replicate that. It is terrible, I know. But it is what it is. And that makes it beautiful.

Yes, each poem has its own world. It is not just mere words. It is not some random expression of general feeling. It is the product of the moment. And that moment is the magical mix of emotions, feelings, music you are listening to, beverage you are drinking, the surrounding environment, and the universal mechanisms. It’s so so so complex and one of a kind. It is beyond the control of anyone. You could surely create copies, imitate it, create something in that sense or rhyme, but it will never be the same.

If you could collect every poem in the world ever written, you could definitely categorize them into genres, forms, etc. But there will be millions in each category, and almost every one of them will leave you feeling a different shade of the same emotion. No one has and ever will, be able to exhaust a category and at no point of time will, this art be repetitive. Because time never repeats itself, this universe does not go in circles, even if planets move in orbits, they never cross the same point again. That is truly amazing and beautiful.

So, do not try to replicate that. Be inspired by that beauty. Do not chase that moment, we are yet to be time travelers (unless, you built a time machine in your garage (or car). If that’s the case, what are you doing reading this? Come sit beside me, we will write this together.  Bring pizza.).

Instead create your own moment. Be one with the universe. And just like a perfect poem captures the moment of its creation, deep within its soul. Let every moment of your life be uniquely poetic.  Be a poem. Live poetry.


I hope you enjoyed another flavor of this pickle dipped in flavors of living………

the next flavor will be served soon. Keep visiting to pick your pickle!

also, i am attempting to write a 31 day poem…..yes a single poem for 31 days…….today was day three…..so far its pretty, pretty, pretty okay!


Please leave comments…………i would love to hear from you, Dear Reader.

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i will be back!


35 thoughts on “Poetry Preaches: Uniqueness

  1. Ah! You just served my most favorite flavor of pickle of all! A poem is an expression of the moment …from your soul at that moment …culmination of all life experiences of the soul in that moment …the flavor cannot be replicated, can only be enhanced or received anew …
    Should I make my own post? …Nah! You have said it all very wonderfully …will just enjoy that!

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      1. What about the “select file (30mb max) question? Is it expecting me to upload from my computer? Most of mine are stored in the cloud or in a notes app on my phone. Truthfully I was going to just copy paste my own from my barelytwowords website.

        Liked by 1 person

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