Scheduled Await.(Tanka)- Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge AND UPDATES!

It was simple……musical chairs. Music or/and chair. How difficult could it be? Take your chair *click* or Go to a mall/restaurant and *snap* *snap* Done! Anyone could do that. That would be the first thought. But mister Novelistbaba………who has taken photographs at two instances in his lifetime, with the intention of ‘photography’…….oh he snapped……..(laughter is allowed……..p.s. don’t laugh at my poem. Yes, i would mind. Thank you)

chairs final 2.jpg

chairs tanka.jpg

i hope you enjoyed……..Preachy Poetry will be up soon (within 24 hours)……also, i am attempting to write a 31 day poem…..yes a single poem for 31 days…….today was day two… far its pretty, pretty, pretty okay!

i hear challenge and i jump……do you do that?

My entry in the last week’s Cee’s Black and White challenge got featured oh her site!!! Yes, it feels great. All thanks to her. Check out her blog. She is amazing!

Anyways, enough ramblings……..

Please leave comments…………i would love to hear from you, Dear Reader.

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i will be back!

a tanka is a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable form of Japanese poetry.


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