Poetry Preaches: Belonging

I don’t think there is anyone out there, who at some point in life, did not try to fit in, did not try to belong. We all need that sense of belonging, be it home, among friends, online groups…….anywhere……everywhere. Well, poems come to the rescue. No, actually poet comes to the rescue (me…..i……i come to your rescue. Glad we cleared that up.*ahem*)

Harmony is not the only lesson we could learn from poetry. Every poem collects very similar words. There is a definite sense and theme underlying those choices. Again, let your preposition of articles rest.

Let’s take a love poem for example:




See, you would expect spring, bloom, romance, reunion, rain and sailing on the waves in a love poem. There may be some combinations and permutations but, each would end up in almost 80% of them.

Now take this sad one:



Tell me, you were expecting tears, memories, bleed, solitude and crying. Were you not?

How about one, questioning reality:



You already knew that words like evolution, nature, belief, and universe would turn up. Dare to say no. (if you really did say no. *Claps* you are so brave.)

So you get what I am talking about. Like Marvel and DC, there are probably clubs of words that would end up together in a poem. And the cherry on top: they do crossovers. And on second thought, pick your articles up, they go with everything. Isn’t that amazing? There is a theme for every word, and still, there are no restrictions. You just have to be creative, constructive.




This could be a part of anything. There is affection, abandoning, lots of seeking, looking and staring also there is a child. You cannot put an absolute tag on anything.

In poetry, there is a distinct place, a definite sense of belonging, for every word. And their affiliations do not restrict them to those borders; do not discriminate against anyone willing to add meaning. Their personal agendas do not come in the way of constructivism. They truly belong, wherever they are put. And everybody belongs everywhere.


I hope you enjoyed this pickle dipped in flavors of living………

the next flavor will be served soon. Keep visiting to pick your pickle!


Please leave comments…………i would love to hear from you, Dear Reader.

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