Poetry Preaches: Harmony

I am back again, to talk about, Surprise! Surprise! Poems!

So, as we have seen how poems are a careful assortment of words. There is a purpose, a reason behind every word. They didn’t just happen to be there. If you pluck one word out, it will change the whole meaning. Okay, I am not talking about your prepositions, articles, etc. Although they are carefully placed for effect sometimes but at other times it is just grammar (more on that in later posts). So these words really matter, for the flow, sometimes for rhyme, but more importantly for the expression of the intended idea, ‘The bigger picture’.

And poems are not just an assortment of words. It’s an arrangement of phrases as well. Same as before, these phrases have an order, a sequence. If you jumble them up, it could mean a totally different thing. Though I agree, sometimes you have to read the poem again and again, and yet again but the meaning still eludes, haunts our thoughts, you lose sleep, appetite, weight…..so for effective weight loss, read poems. Wait! That can’t be right. See, you have to remind me, I wander away sometimes.

And sometimes, there are whole sentences, but let’s not repeat ourselves and count them in the phrases, to save time and keep you reading.

These words and phrases lead the way, guide your attention, simulate your imagination and make you feel things, emotions and moments in a very specific way, like no other combination of words and media, could ever make you feel. It’s the secret combination, the harmony among words and phrases that create the magic.


 Consider the above lines, which word can be done away with? How would you arrange it differently to still mean the same? And remember, these lines are part of the bigger picture.

If not impossible, it’s not that simple, right? (Yes, write the whole poem again, very smart. But will it be the same?)

Don’t just agree with me. Try it. Go on………..

And if you saw the bigger picture, these lines do not tell the whole story. It’s part of a whole. Everything has its place, and everything is tuned. Yes, there is harmony, in between the words, phrases, and lines. They are meaningful on their own, they  mean something in a bunch, they complement each other, and they elevate the preceding and everything that follows. There is no resentment, discontent or discrimination. They come together to convey one singular thing, an individual idea. There is harmony! And it is beautiful!


I hope you enjoyed this pickle dipped in flavors of living………

the next flavor will be served tomorrow, same time! Be here and pick your pickle!


Please leave comments…………i would love to hear from you, Dear Reader.

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i will be back!



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