help me break

by pushkar prabhat

i do not want,

to break;

i do not want

to disintegrate.

Help me,


i am out of choices,

Only urgencies prevail.

Help me,

help me please……

i did not want

to be here.

i do not want

to remain.

i am an anomaly;

Always, out of place.

i am weak;

Weak enough,

to not exist.

Help me.



Do something.

Help me please,


i do not want to

go down this road,

of not return, alone.

i am suitable for nothing

End my misery

Hear my cries.

Oh! My cries fail me…..

To even inspire

my heart to act……..

i need help.

i am desperate.





i am actually great, thank you for asking.

hope i did not ruin your mood or anything……….i am working on something very interesting (yes, trust my opinion), i will upload that in a day or two……keep visiting or maybe follow!

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i will be back!


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