hatching the Idea!

Having a thought is easily involuntary. There, you just had so many……..

Having a feeling, fairly random but, spontaneous again. Did you just have one right now? {no, closing this post is not the right one, try again}. Unlike thoughts, feelings could be pretty enigmatic at times. They love to play the mystery man to lure you in and then……..well, curiosity doesn’t exclusively kill cats only!

Another weird thing about these feelings and thoughts is that, often they are incredibly difficult to shake off, they just latch on and refuse to let go. As a regular reader (No? Oh don’t you worry love. Here is the link to the past: LoL!), you know where I am going with this. Yes, in the land of rhymes! Why waste such persistent feeling or thought in the hands of time? Why not immortalize it in rhyme? Aha that did rhyme!

Expressing thoughts in poems is easy, relatively. But, what about that nameless, formless, abstract feeling?  That feeling which is nothing more than a vague idea in the farthest corner and the deepest depths of your brain, the feeling that you want to immortalize. If you have ever been in such a predicament, then as always, I am here to help you by bragging about myself.

So, if that happens, what you have to do (what i do, thanks for reminding me)  is let that feeling grow. You have a vague idea, right? Let it develop (So easy and brand new suggestions, right?). No, really it’s very easy, just a wee bit tricky. You have to calm yourself. Poems are all about fluidity. Thoughts flow, and ideas grow into spaces (not a fantastic beast reference, I know a thing or two too.). So, give them space. Gently blow away all other thoughts and feelings. Let that idea take form. Relax. Breathe. Let go of all else. We are birthing verses here……….nothing could be more important. Give it time. (Not nine months. Now you are just making fun of me. C’mon be serious.). Sit on that idea, incubate. Let it warm until it becomes a hot plate and sitting for even one more second will burn your behind. Get up! Get up quickly! It’s time for action. The idea is hatching; soon cute baby verses will follow, chirruping melodies. Reach across for your pen (or pencil, keyboard, mobile…..guys just grab something that you could write with…….)


Reach across for you pen,

and then


strike hard;

for the iron is hot!

Imagine ornaments,

And jewels of past.

And before

That perfection


Dip it in ink.

Let those

Masterpieces of future:



Hope you enjoyed this ‘in house recipe’  for cooking rhymes.

Please leave comments…………i would love to hear from you, Dear Reader.

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i will be back!

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19 thoughts on “hatching the Idea!

  1. I went through my notebook today and noticed that quite a few of my ideas were developed into art projects or stories. Many of them were completed months later. You have a great process. Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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