Easy Pain

Easy Pain

By pushkar prabhat


YOU think, this is easy;

Easy to be alone

with my thoughts……..

easy to:


easy to look away,

easy to grab them

by their vile throats,

and squeeze…….

with all my might.


Come closer……

Lend an ear,

Hear me scream.


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i will be back!



15 thoughts on “Easy Pain

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        you can also participate if you wish to….but if u participate, refer to them my name. (priyadarshini).. thank you!!!

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      2. Hi priyadarshini, i wisited the site…….but i was redirected…… So couldn’t comment etc……..i will try it on my laptop……..one more time…….and all the best……..you will win i am sure! 🙂 🙂

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