Let’s Sail Away Love!

Let’s Sail Away Love!

by pushkar prabhat


Where, where do we go from here?

This promised journey;

Has come a long way…….

Have braved and conquered,

Everything we hate,

Along the way.

But, somewhere between:

Fantasy and reality,

We have consumed

Our love.

Love, I think

We have traveled

Together, far away.


Away, yes we ran away,

Escaping, everything

Keeping us apart,

However difficult, we found a way.

Pleasures, we left behind.

We spilled the normal,

Along the way.

We had to be together,

We had each other

We needed to just sail away.

And now, between waves,

It’s land you desire;

Among us two, there

Is one, half filled boat,

And an ocean, waiting

To pour.

Amour, you are right.

Where, where do we go from here?


Hope you enjoyed this blend to emotions………..

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Sail Away Love!

  1. Formally, this kind of reminds me of the Song of Solomon, or the Song of Songs as it’s sometimes called. (I’m referring to the ancient Hebrew book, not the modern novel.) Was that maybe an influence for you?

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