Coming Alive (part 1)

ca1 final.png

Part 2

Hope you liked the first course of this special dish………….there are 4 more to come.

I will upload the next part within a week. I am also sketching the pictures and as you must have noticed that i am an amateur at sketching and drawing……..although i am not particularly accomplished with poetry but i have had much practice with poems. So, it takes a while…… put together the whole thing. Have patience and keep up your amazing support…….i want to put my best work out there…….nothing less.

Please leave comments…………i would love to hear from you, Dear Reader.

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i will be back!


18 thoughts on “Coming Alive (part 1)

  1. Is the story within the picture? Okay if so, it’s a great beginning . It sorta reminds of this thriller I saw (I love thrillers, not saying that this the beginning to a thriller). I enjoyed the drawing. It not bad for a beginner.

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