Die, Sweet Verse….Die!

Why won’t you die, sweet verse?

I know. It’s like a magician’s kerchief: Poems that won’t budge…….poems that won’t end.

Have you been there? I certainly have or else why would I be bothering you with this, right?

We feel excited, the blood exchange of our brains achieving new heights, our thoughts on full throttle, our hand holding the pen (or pencil, it’s all okay!) firmly. And we set out to write beautiful words, sometimes in perfect rhyme, just freely flowing. It is all good and then…… and then….and yes, it happens!

We can’t seem to think for an appropriate end. And oh! Going forward is not the problem……the problem is how to put an end. The thoughts become repetitive. We write some amazing verses but, we had just written another ‘oh so magical!’ version of it earlier.

We read, re-read……..over think, over analyze, open facebook (no? Okay it’s just me then) but, nothings seems to take us anywhere. And soon our pen seems cursed, our faculty of thoughts seems overworked, and our brains just exhausted. Our interest seems to have flown halfway across the universe by now (why only halfway? Well, let’s be realistic people. I am talking about serious life threatening problems here.). We just want to get over with it, just end it.

We nourish innocent thoughts and let them grow into monster rhymes. Why do great philosophers always create some evil? I wonder. Okay, so what is to be done now? Good people, I have some great news! I have spent my whole life studying the sacred images of movies and I have found a hidden solution. We have to train a hero, to fight the evil and rescue the humanity.

We have to write a verse concluding the very infant idea. There has to be some sacrifices made. Some rhymings will have to be crossed, some lines struck out and the form, a little disturbed. We have to stick to the core thought expressed in the poem. Kill every line that repeats the same idea. It will be destruction. There will be blood. But it has to be done.  We created those monsters and we have to kill it (see this would be an example of repeating the idea; but sometimes it’s okay. Not too much though).


If you encounter,

A monster,

Beneath your pen;

Trying to control its flow,

Trying to take over

Your expression.

Crush it,

Under the nib.

Let the ink flow,

Chide you thoughts

Back on track,

Take a halt;

For, every

Beautiful thing,

Must end.


Hope you enjoyed this inappropriate and violent chef’s special dessert!

Please leave comments…………i would love to hear from you, Dear Reader.

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i will be back!


26 thoughts on “Die, Sweet Verse….Die!

  1. This happens to me each and every time!!! And what I do is, I follow the advice of Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way. She advises that we should keep the poem or whatever we are writing away if we get stuck, and do something else. Return to it after a while, you will be surprised that your pen will just flow!!


  2. Good points as to writing poetry and the issues it could entail… When writing poetry, I have felt sometimes that my words didn’ t always depicted what I was thinking ir trying to say. Also that I didn’t exactly know what I was aiming to say in a very specific way, hence, the ending became the hardest part…
    Loved your post! Keep them coming… All the best to you. 🌟✨🌟

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t know why WordPress is not letting me comment on your post…….i wanted to tell you know that…….keep being our guide and your journey inspires us to have courage ourselves……thank you so much!!! 🙂 🙂


  3. I usually or to tell the truth I very rarely over think a poem. When I do I get stuck. I get an idea, a word or phrase, and just run with it. Then I can do some course corrections but for me it has to flow suddenly. That´s why I walk around with a pen and little notebook in my pocket.
    Great writing you have here.

    Liked by 1 person

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