The Rhyming Conundrum

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“To rhyme or not to rhyme. That is the question”-Welliamnot  Speakingthathere.

True words! He was a master of his craft. Even before most of us were able to rhyme ‘love’ with ‘dove’ or maybe forced rhyme with ‘low’ and made faces while we spoke our deftly written lines. He was able to understand the great problem, the poets of the new world were going to face: rhyme or not?

So did he have an answer? I don’t know. I wasn’t alive then, to ask and be told. And from what I have read, that sneaky brilliant man made-up many of the words. Don’t roll your eyeballs at this, it’s true.

But seriously, what is to be done? I don’t know about you or others but I certainly had this problem and even today, I sometimes struggle with this.

Yes, sometimes the lines just flow, but when I sit at my desk, in front of a blank page and a vague idea in my mind, it is like Sophie’s choice. (although I have it from very credible sources(movies) that that is just an expression. Maybe after reading my post they would call its poet’s choice. Pray good people, pray!) So, maintaining the rhyme is difficult, people with exceptional vocabulary can do it easily, but what about normal people like me? Well, we can always increase our vocabulary and we should, but it takes time. And it is not easy pulling out the exact word at the exact time out of thin air. There are sites on the web to help with that, but sometimes I don’t even know what I am going to write in the next line then how can I end my previous line on exact word. It gets even more frustrating, when halfway through the poem you realize that this is not what you actually intended to write. And then something terrible happens, you stop the creative process………

Good people, never stop. The Universal Authority of Verses frowns upon unfinished poems. You don’t want to mess with those people. So keep writing and finish it at least that is what I do.

Now, coming back to the question, in my opinion rhyming schemes can make or break the poem…….sometimes they elevate the content and at other times they just ruin it. Writing poems is a creative process, for the expression and the rhyming etc are just tools of that art. By now you know that I consider the expression above everything else. So do not let rhyming come in the way of doing that. EXPRESS……the way you want to do and whatever you want to.

If you think rhyming would help your poem, write a draft and then keep googling until angels start humming your perfect rhyme.

And if you think that rhyming would just take the attention away from what you are trying to express, do not let a single word even accidentally rhyme with another.

Though stay away from long running sentences and write and rewrite to make the flow better………use punctuation. Now, using punctuation could be tricky, an easy way is to put the dots and commas in such a way that it reads as you want it to. People skip punctuation while reading, their loss. You express your hearts out the way you want to.


“Dial up an idea,

Connect to your thoughts.

Let the verse stream,

Seamlessly, onto

Your canvas of

Self expression”

-pushkar prabhat.


I hope you liked this sizzling curry of rhyming conundrum.

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i also upload comic strips that i create which can be found under Spoken Silence.

Feel free to give your suggestions.


i will be back!

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20 thoughts on “The Rhyming Conundrum

  1. I completely agree with you on the rhyming issue. The poem and it’s content must no the compromised just to rhyme it and that is the response of the person writing it. The main aim must be that message and emotions must be conveyed and felt.
    Lovely post a must read for an amateur like me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Universal Authority of Verses??😂😂😂… Could so relate to this post… rhyme is what i like doing, i guess since i am a novice in this field, but i agree sometimes it just ruins d piece if the flow is not coming… Nice post 😊👍

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  3. This was a lot of fun to read. I love your word play on William Shakespeare’s name. Brilliant!

    In recent years, I have gotten into the habit of writing my poems out of order. That is, some of the lines just flow. And then, just like that, the faucet stops running. Before the poem is finished. When this happens, I start numbering the lines, and if certain lines need repeating at regular intervals, I can go ahead and snag them before they get away. Then while I am folding clothes or washing the dishes, parts of new lines often come in, to be captured as soon as I can get free. In the case of acrostic poems, a lot of times after I write down the title and the acrostic phrase, I just take whatever line comes first, and adjust the rhyme scheme to that. Sometimes the very last line will show up first, and I have to work my way up from the bottom. Other times I have top lines and bottom lines completed, while searching for the middle. At other times, I have first and last lines written, with a column of likely words lining the left margin (to complete the acrostic) while a column of words line up on the right margin (to complete the message and the rhyme scheme) while I search for words I can make fit into the middle. It’s like a huge puzzle that requires a lot of work, and sometimes seems like more trouble than it is worth. Until the last words unexpectedly bring a scary mess into beautiful focus.Sometimes I have to scrap the first, second, and third drafts and start over. Again.

    Now if it really is true that those watching are offended by unfinished poems, I am in worlds of trouble. Sigh.

    Anyway, thanks for writing a thought provoking piece that was also fun to read.

    Keep up the good work!

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    1. WoW!!! thank you so so so much for this amazing comment and also for sharing your creative process…… was great learning how a genius works!…….
      and don’t worry about those authorities…..just tell them a couple of your verses and they will become your disciples……..
      again, thank you so much…….it really means a lot!!! 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Too much of this will go to my head if I’m not careful. But thank you so much for your kind remarks.

        We are all geniuses, crafted in the image of God. We just need the right context for that genius to be revealed. (Now if only I could remember that when my impatient self is disparaging others I don’t understand or value nearly enough!)

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