A few Words about A Word

Words fascinate me (like that’s a surprise). But no, really, words catch my attention. I sometimes get little crushes on words (do not read that as any insight into my social life).

I fall in love with them, think about them the whole day, maybe a couple of days, weeks, months…….No, not a year, at least yet.

They refuse to release my attention. I try to pen them down into a poem, short story or a quick facebook post. Mostly a poem though, because of my love for poetry (catch up Jon Snow).

So how is this post about “a word”. Well, I am a decent enough fellow, “a one word man” If you will. So, at any given instant, there will only be one word in my mind.

And these words have a gang, I tell you. They are smart. They target one sense at a time. Sometimes, as advertised snippets, sometimes as knowledge capsule, sometimes just a curious find (and often times it’s a funny sound heard from someone or somewhere. Do not think stomach, for God’s sake people!). And after seducing any of the senses, they just take over, capturing brain cells after brain cell. It’s like being possessed. You start speaking an unknown foreign language (okay, that single word but still). You sense this strange power of creativity in you, contorting thoughts, and projectile perceptions, you sit at a spot (desk) staring at wall (paper)……..the whole cliché horror pack.

The intensity of this takeover is sometimes so severe, that the other words revolt and just refuse to mingle. And you find yourself, sitting at the desk with pencil in your hand and a blank sheet in front, but what are you going to do when you are left with just a word (Doodle, that’s the right answer we are not looking for though). In such dreadful, lonely nights, you just have to wait and let the word itself spark some rhymes. Relationships are tough.

You sure do go through a lot of trouble, but in the end, it’s all worth it. When you see that word, jumbled among other volunteers making sense, boy! Isn’t that the best feeling in this world or what?

But hey, do not let my experiences scare you, who knows, you will find your perfect match, have fun together and create the next masterpiece.

Hope you enjoyed this dish, with persistent aftertaste. Delicious! Right?

So run along, find your word.

I will be back.

image credit: click me


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