i have left


====i have left====

copyright@pushkar prabhat, 04-06-2015

At mercy of the parting waves,
Those piles of complaints, i have left.
Though talked our hearts for hours long,
Some dreams unfinished, i have left.

i have come back, though.
But only the body has returned;
Some parts of me, i forgot to bring,
An incomplete her, i have left.

That wealth of love,
i saved of days and months.
Spent all the fortune on her yet,
Some debts unpaid, i have left.

That heart in which i want to live,
The one i love more than my life.
i patted it to sleep and then,
Alone by itself, i have left.

The one who is my reason to breathe,
About whom my whole story is.
That diya, lit among thunder and storm,
In care of love, i have left.

image credit: diya

i hope you enjoyed this slice of rhyming love. This is a translated version of one of my Hindi ‘gazal’.

Please leave comments about how this made you feel, maybe share your experience.

i will be back!


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