Walking Beside You

This is an old poem. Hope you like it.

===Walking Beside You====

copyright@pushkar prabhat, 2013

Walking beside you,
for hours long or for moments few;
is like walking in heaven,
on lane of roses paven.
While walking we share our day and yesterdays,
and when you speak, i pray the time stays.
‘Coz i love to listen to your voice,
honey in sweetness and refreshing as ice.
Your fingers strike strings of my heart,
when they just touch mine, and depart.
And when our shoulders rub against,
its then i almost become impatient.
Impatient to tell you, how i feel-
when in, with winds, your fragrance reel.
But i stop and just enjoy your presence,
because loosing you will be losing my life’s essence.
So i pray the road never ends, each day,
yet, but it seems shorter than yesterday.
And though i know, after all, it’s just a walk,
and maybe be for you all of these be just talk.
But whatever it is, just let it be,
and you keep walking beside me!!!



5 thoughts on “Walking Beside You

  1. Pushkar..!
    this is Anindita Janhabee from writerscafe…
    This is such a beautiful piece….. Which leads to so many thoughts …. and amazing feelings…. The person is absolutely lucky…. yes…. I like your sweet honesty!!! keep writing my friend….πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

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