What the hell IS a poem?

What is a poem?

Welcome to poetry 101, children.

No wait. Don’t go away, I was just joking. I will not be teaching you definitions here.

Okay, so after exploring why should we write poems, let us explore what I mean by poems.

Poems are condensed exploration of the world through words.                               

Too literature-ish? I don’t care because I so wanted to say that.

But that is not what I mean when I say poems. For me, poems are extremely personal. They are exploration of the self. They are self reflecting. They are a part of you. And believe me, sometimes I write just to get some things out of my system, mostly frustration and anger. I write sometimes to motivate myself, sometimes to evaluate things and sometimes, I write because I feel inspired by something.

For me, each poem is about a specific feeling. A very general example would be the feeling of love, for a romantic poem. But I am not talking about that, Love is too broad and general topic. I mean feelings on more atomic or sub atomic level. Like the feeling you get when you remember being with your beloved, lying in bed, just looking into each others’ eyes. For me, poetry is about just being in that moment and recreating the feeling. And thus, I write:

Looking into your eyes

Deciphering the meanings and purpose of life;


Or maybe that feeling, when you reach your breaking point on a bad day, that makes me write:

Its then when i want to cry,
Shout out loud, punch the walls and cry.

This is what I am talking about. Expressing what you feel.

That is the whole point of poems, and don’t let others tell you otherwise. If they don’t get it, that’s on them. Oh but, yes, you should try to improve on grammar and general flow. But don’t compromise the expression for rhymes, or syllables. You write in forms when you have to pass exams, I am not here to teach you that. I just want you to experience this immense power you hold within yourself, the power of self expression and the ability to create art.

The expression of self is for you, and not others, if something makes sense to you, keep it. If others’ suggestion improves your creation, keep it. If it doesn’t, well, forget them. (You can read that as the f word.)

So go on……..

Think, let your

Thoughts converge,

Reel in that feeling.

Hold the pen.

Grab a canvas

And paint yourself,

Your masterpiece.


I hope you enjoyed this refreshment. There are a lot of other things on the menu.

I will be back!


15 thoughts on “What the hell IS a poem?

  1. Thank you for sharing your writing voice! I love the playfulness and the tone of “best friend sitting you down for a come to Jesus meeting”.

    This is the reminder I needed about what I missed about writing. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with you regarding what constitutes poetry/a poem. I would add that the creation of a funny poem which makes the poet and, hopefully others laugh is, in my case one of the reasons I write poetry. Much of my work is serious in nature. I do, however also enjoy creating limericks and other humorous poems. Shared on Twitter. Kevin

    Liked by 1 person

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