Let me cry……

===Let me Cry===

copyright@pushkar prabhat, 2014

At times when i am sad,
When the days have been bad.
My smile too when seems heavy,
And my soul looks shabby.
It’s then when i want to cry,
Shout out loud, punch the walls and cry.

But something, i know not what stops me,
It holds back tears, but does not pity me.
I try to move on and forget,
but harder that i try, the harder does it get.
It’s then in dilemma
of which way to go, i want to cry.
This time though in sobs,
under suppressed muffled voice, cry.

Still but never a drop rolls,
My eyes fill, but no drop falls.
Then i stop, push my pain aside and try to smile,
Tears and sadness follow, accompany,
And i set my foot towards the next mile…..!!!

image credit: pinterest


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