Why poems?

Why poems?

…………………..Simply because they are just so easy, short and exceptionally effective.

If you think they are difficult, boring or useless. Well, of course I don’t think so. And though I will not take it upon my existence to convince you otherwise, I respect your opinion, but I will definitely try my best, to change your mind.

I think they are very easy. Yes you guessed it. It is just a matter of perspective. See, it’s difficult to create a masterpiece. It is difficult to maintain rhyme, meter and/or form. It is difficult if you want to use heavy, flowery, decorative, BIG words. But I am not talking about that.

Poetry is an art. Like any art, poetry is a form of self expression.

SELF and EXPRESSION: you have yourself, you know yourself, and you want to express yourself. SEE! We are already halfway there, in fact ahead of halfway even.

The only part left is expression, expression through words.

You just have to channel your emotions, thoughts and feelings, and just write the words that pop up in your head. Forget rhyme, syllable, meter, etc.


You may ask, what is the point of a poem, if there are no rhyme, meter, form etc?

Well let me ask YOU one question, are rhyme, meter, form, etc the point of writing a poem?



Okay, I should clear one thing here that poems are obviously not a collection of gibberish words. They should mean something, at least to you. They should invoke a feeling, in you at least. Yes, this might not work in a traditional English class, course or exam. But as I already said, SELF EXPRESSION DUDE! Do whatever the hell you need to do to pass exams, etc. Here we are creating art.

Okay, now you may ask, so we can write poems but, why should we?

Good question. You should write poems because now, you can. You should write because you will create art. You must write poems, because you will be able to express yourself.

Again, you might ask, doesn’t every other form of art do the same?

You are very good at this question thing. (Lame joke? Anyways) well, didn’t I say in the very beginning, it’s so easy? And not just easy, it’s cheap. You just need a paper and a pen. Or just open a notepad on your laptop or mobile. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying other forms are bad, very expensive or very difficult or anything. What I am saying is, you can create poems anytime, anywhere, with the least requirements. See, I am not trying to convince you against other arts, I just want to emphasize the beauty of poems. And writing poems doesn’t mean you can’t do other things. You sure can do all other things, in spite of writing poems. And that is the frigging point. (Not dropping f bombs, just yet.)

Now before you ask me why not write essays, stories or other written forms, let me just tell you. Poems have the least amount of words, convey more than what is written. And once you get the hang of metaphors, imagery etc you will be able to completely conceal yet at the same time completely express yourself. Only the ones, who would have had the same experience as you, will be able to understand and will appreciate you. Is that not amazing? This will act like a device which will let you connect to other amazing people just like you.

So, what’s stopping you now, from dropping a rhyme, like, right now?

This was not the whole meal, but I think this appetizer will be enough to get you started.

I will be back!


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